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WGE:MAG #5 Featuring Illustrati Members OUT NOW!

Issue5 Features: 

David Mullich- Cyberdreams and making games with HR Giger, Harlan Ellison and Wes Craven.

Fred Skoler -Goldeney -movie to game.

Justin Thouin -Movie brands for slots.

Tony Van on Activisions early days movie titles strategy for NES and making Die Hard the game.

Brian F. Colin - Rampage Old and New and recent Movie news

An interview with Machinima Director Russell Boyd described as the“Godfather of Flight Sim Movies”

+much more


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Welcome to The Illustrati Group

This group page has been created for Illustrators, Animators and Graphic Designers on a number of social and business networks including:


The group site is a place to share work information, projects and business contact details. Please feel free to upload image and video examples of your artwork both on general pages and in your own 'My Page' area.

In association with Game Voices and World Gaming Executives

In association with Game Voices and World Gaming Executives



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